I’ve listed a sample of my work as a web developer and as a multimedia journalist below. You can find my resume here.

Web development


Redeveloped the Online News Association’s website and implemented a redesign. I used WordPress multisite to allow for building out sites for other initiatives, and built a theme with custom content types based on an HTML5 Boilerplate parent theme. I used plugins to manage the editorial process and allow the staff to easily edit content areas, including landing page slideshows and event listings.


Directed a redesign and redevelopment of the Online News Association’s members site in Drupal. I managed the website after its development, including the expansion of ecommerce functions and member features.


Built and designed a theme with custom content types and templates for the 2011 and 2012 Online News Association conferences.


Designed and built a microsite for the conference session selector. The site included links to Google Forms for submitting session ideas and a customized subreddit for voting and commenting on those ideas.

Multimedia journalism

Life on Hold: Caring for Someone with Alzheimer’s

Documentary, June 2010

For most individuals with Alzheimer’s, a family member is the primary caregiver, taking on the day-to-day tasks that come with caring for someone with a terminal illness. As basic tasks become difficult for the family member, the caregiver’s role becomes more involved over time. Statistics on the disease show that more families will face these issues in the years to come.

Hundreds gather in Dupont Circle for online-organized snowball fight

Video story, Feb. 2010

During the first blizzard in D.C.’s snowpocalypse, some took to the streets to blow off a little steam. Thanks to Facebook, a neighborhood snowball fight turned into an epic battle.

Local club lets fans try their hand at curling

Video story, Feb. 2010

Curling is becoming more popular with each passing winter Olympics, and local curling clubs see the growing interest every four years. I went to an open house at Potomac Curling Club in Laurel, Maryland to watch some fans try out the sport for the first time.

Braddock Neighborhood an example of changes in Alexandria

Audio story, Dec. 2009

Braddock Neighborhood is a small part of the city of Alexandria. Much like the rest of the city, Braddock has a rich history which runs deeper than one can see when walking among the public housing projects and newly-erected townhouses. Braddock’s history is one deeply rooted in African American culture–back to a place called Uptown.

The city planning office is orchestrating the changes in the neighborhood with the Braddock Metro Neighborhood Plan, hoping to guide the neighborhood’s future while respecting its history.

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